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In 2014 seven teachers from across the Manaiakalani schools were selected to form the Manaiakalani Innovative Teachers- 2014 group. I was lucky enough to be chosen to be a part of this.

On this blog you will find my research, thoughts, ideas and hopefully some conclusions too!

Below is my proposal and also a link to the other teachers who are involved in Manaiakalani Innovative Teachers Group 2014.

Kimberley Ouano

School: Pt England School
2014:    Teaching a Year 5 class.
My class Blog link here
My blog where my MIT14 Inquiry is shared is here.
How do I promote high order thinking and cognitive engagement in my classroom whilst supporting those who struggle when it comes to developing key competencies? 

The Manaiakalani report 2013 made me aware that teachers across our cluster had plenty of engagement in their classrooms, but not many had challenging cognitive engagement, rather 'set' activities that focussed on completion. This provoked me to reflect upon my own practice and the levels of thinking in my classroom.

The researcher's recommendations were to promote high order thinking skills and have learners cognitively challenged, especially during 'independent' follow up time. I see the need to promote the independent time as a key opportunity for learners to not only consolidate learning, but also extend their learning using high order thinking.

With more critical thinking and creativity comes the conflict of management, especially for learners who struggle when it comes to developing key competencies. 

How do I support students who struggle with managing themselves, thinking critically, and working collaboratively? 

How do I provide the same opportunities for these learners, as for those who are more capable?

Follow me on this learning journey to find out more!

Kimberley :)

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